Dahlia Seed


Approx. 25 seeds per packet. Seeds taken from decorative dahlias, pom pom, cactus, dinner plate, orchid, ball, collarette, lacinated.

Each seedling will be a wild surprise combo. No seed is ever 100% true to its parent. 

Dahlia make wonderful cut flowers with their strong stems and beautiful colours. They don't have a long vase life but they make up for that in beauty. Dahlias can also be dried and used in dried arrangements. 

Type : Perennial 
Height : 60cm - 120cm
Position : Full Sun 

Growing & Sowing
Sowing method : Best started indoors in seed trays August - September.
When to plant Transplant out in spring, when big enough and the threat of frost has passed. 
Spacing : 30cm apart
Depth : Surface sow followed by a very light cover of fine seed raising mix.
Germination : 7-14 days
Days to maturity :90-95

Flowers : December - March
Seed Heads : Seed heads are usually ready to pick once the petals have closed and browned.