Create your own awesome Wildstyler cut flower garden at your own home!

Sowing & Growing

So, you've bought seeds from The Wildstyler - now what?! Firstly, thank you for supporting a small NZ business. We couldn't do this without all you flower lovers. Below are some tips to give your green babies the best start at life.

Happy gardening, flower junkies!

Getting Started

Storing your seed

Seeds are best started within 12 months of purchase date. Please store your seeds in a cool, dark, dry location until you are ready to sow them.

Sowing seed

Most seeds are best started indoors until they are ready to transplant out. Have a look at the seed variety section below, for seasons to sow, and methods of planting different varieties.

*Always ensure you use a good quality seed raising mix.
*Use clean, sterile equipment and seed trays.
*Label seed variety and date sown.
*Maintain even temp & moisture throughout germination.

Fill seed tray with mix and sow a thin layer of seed on top. Cover with a fine dusting of seed mix. Never sow seeds too deeply and check germination light requirements of your chosen variety. Fine seeds ,and those that require light to germinate, should be barely covered. Use a misting bottle to lightly dampen the soil surface. Do not overwater. Cover seed tray with plastic, glass, plastic bag, etc,. to help retain moisture. Check seeds and lightly mist daily. Once seeds have germinated, remove cover but keep indoors until the threat of frost has passed.

*Seeds are dying - Check your moisture levels. Overwatering can cause 'damping off', a condition where the seedling stems rot and die.
*Seeds aren't germinating - Check your seeds requirements. Some seeds require light to germinate, consistent warm temps, some require cold and some need seed stratification.

Transplanting seedlings

Once your seedlings are big enough and have a good root stock (usually an inch in height) and the threat of frost has passed, you seeds will need to be hardened off before planting out. This is a process of getting them adjusted to outside conditions. Pop seedlings in an outdoor position, sheltered from extreme weather for a few days. After this, choose a spot in the garden and plant away!