Wearable Flowers

Dare to be different! Ditch the traditional vibe for something a little extra! The Wildstyler wearables are guaranteed to turn heads. These unique, one-of-a-kind designs are everything and then some.

Corsages, boutonniere and buttonhole. The Wildstyler loves to get a bit creative with wearable flowers, and less is not always more! Think floral tattoos, boa, rings, necklaces, flower crowns, hats, eyebrows, beards, clothing - anything is possible!

Contact Kristy for more info or to book in your wearables. Perfect for weddings, school balls, special events, or just because you're a badass flower junkie who wants one.

The wildstyler

Everlasting Corsage

Available in colours to suit your vibe, or your dress! Guaranteed to be eye-catching.

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the wildstyler

Everlasting Buttonhole

Sick of traditional buttonholes? Want something a little more edgy? Keen to get noticed? Say no more! The Wildstyler can make buttonholes to any colour scheme but specialises in the out-of-the-ordinary.

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dried flower pocket square - The Wildstyler NZ

the wildstyler

Everlasting Pocket Square

Rustic pockety goodness. Pocket squares can be made to any pocket dimension and to any colour scheme.

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